Kantharos Gatherings
Kantharos Gatherings is a concept imagined and developed by Eleni Tranouli for the award-winning Dexamenes Seaside Hotel by K-studio, a member of Design Hotels.

It’s an original series of artist-designed wine tastings celebrating inner transformation and community building through the arts. During summer, handpicked emerging talents are invited to explore Dexamenes as residents and stage site-specific wine tasting events, set around the Hotel’s signature silos, with offerings sourced from selected local wineries. By means of performance art, installation, media, and in line with their practice, the artists will create a sensory wine experience for guests and locals alike.

The name for the events derives from the ancient Greek drinking cup, kantharos, a typical vase used for drinking wine as well as an attribute to the god Dionysus. The name also hints at the symposia of ancient times consisting of sympotic gatherings centered around collective thinking, philosophizing, and enjoying wine.

Kantharos Gatherings intertwines with Dexamenes’ particular story from a postwar winery to a barefoot luxury resort. In this way, the events aspire to reshape the site’s cultural significance, while connecting local producers with global creative minds. Season 2019 features visual artists Panos Profitis, Dèspina Charitonidi, and Paky Vlassopoulou.

For the visual ID, we staged a studio photoshoot using concrete blocks, pieces of marble, sand, and other raw materials found on site. In tune with the minimal and monastic character of Dexamenes, we aimed for a controlled microarchitecture generating an industrial, formal spectacle offset by a ritualistic feel.