Eleni Tranouli is an independent curator and concept designer driven by art as experience. She believes art can elevate the everyday, challenge perception and help access a refined, discerning way of living.

She holds a BSc-MSc in Architecture and an MA in Film and Audiovisual Studies from the University of Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris 3. For the last ten years, she has been switching gears as a curator, researcher, archivist, editor, translator and brand strategist in various settings. Throughout her career, she has developed bonds with groundbreaking artists and has worked in cultural institutions around the globe such as the French Institute in Athens, the Jeu de Paume in Paris and The Museum of Modern Art in New York (MoMA). Her writings have been featured in artists’ books and exhibitions at the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia and have appeared in outlets like La Furia Umana, Revista lumière, The International Journal of Screendance, Le Magazine du Jeu de Paume and in conference proceedings in English, French, Spanish and Korean.


Eleni Tranouli builds bridges across contemporary art, institutional practices, business and hospitality. She mediates between emerging talents, the corporate world and tourism industry and helps your business explore art as a channel to deliver impactful experiences informed by the most current discourses in the art world.

Based on the needs of every project, Eleni draws from an expanded network of artists, architects, designers, photographers and craftsmen. By way of a holistic approach, she can provide art concept, art direction, curation, project management and communication strategy.